Discover the value of your art.
   On site certified appraisals with no travel fee in Orange County. Appointments available 7 days a week.

Written appraisals for all types of art: original paintings, drawings, limited edition prints, sculptures and pottery.

Certified appraiser Gloria Gales offers over twenty-five years of experience identifying, valuing and brokering fine art and decorative art from around the world.

Whether you wish to insure or sell a single piece of art, or an entire art collection, Gloria Gales can assist with professional research and knowledge.

Your appraisal will be researched, written and prepared in accordance with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

The most important criteria is the appraiser's experience and thoroughness in writing the report. Is your appraiser doing all of the research and report writing, or are less experienced personnel involved?

Gloria Gales inspects the art herself, measures the art, photographs the art, and takes notes. The appraisal report will be as complete as possible, it will be concise and not misleading. It will be written professionally and not in such a way that would make it difficult to understand. Gloria is always available to discuss the appraisals with her clients, either on the telephone or via email.

Gloria Gales 949-715-0308


Gloria Gales 949-715-0308

Certified appraisals prepared especially for:

Donating to a Charitable Organization; certified appraisals may be required for IRS purposes.

Equitable Distribution; attach a list of your art pieces along with certified appraisals to your will.

Estate Planning; know how much value you have in your art.

Homeowner's Insurance; your policy may require certified appraisals for art.

Purchasing; know the true fair market value before your buy.

Selling; make sure you know the value of your art before you sell.

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